Coral Calcium – Clues on Longevity, Health and Minerals

Clues on Longevity, Health and Minerals

My personal odyssey to define the link between minerals and health was reinforced by knowledge that certain geographical locations in the world had inhabitants who were strangers to illness and lived to a ripe, old age. Among these longevous people are Abkasians from Georgia, the Hunzas of Pakistan, the Bamas of China, the Vilcabambas of Ecuador, and certain Azerbaijans.

These small populations seem to share a common factor that they live at high altitude. Living at high elevation presents an ecology where melting glacial water has an abundant mineral content, for example each quart of Hunza water contains about 20,000 milligrams of calcium, and these people drink several quarts each day. I believe that the common denominator in this group is that their diet is high in mineral nutrients that are derived from melting glaciers and snow. Many other scientists, such as Dr. Joe Wallach, have proposed this mineral factor is longevity.

This association between abundant mineral intake and health is supported by the finding that sea level populations with health and longevity, such as Okinawan’s in Japan, have a similar abundance of minerals in their diet. In the case of Okinawans the source is the offerings of the coral reefs around the Rukuyuku islands. These reefs provide mineral enrichment to the water supply and coral is often taken as a supplement in the diet.  Again, one could claim an “interesting” coincidence, but after a while the many coincidences start to imply proof of cause and effect.

Whilst minerals may not be the whole story of health and longevity. I believe that they are much more important than has been previously supposed. There has been a tendency in modern medicine to reject remedies of natural origin, such as coral, that have centuries of precedence of successful use. The pendulum is now swinging in the opposite direction as pluralistic medicine emerges and we move back to basics in applying optimum lifestyle and nutrition for health. Coral Calcium serves as a historical example of a natural agent from the ancient seas which holds great power for health and well-being.

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Bob Barefoot

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Health Tips by Bob Barefoot

Kim Estes Interview with Bob Barefoot

6 Important Health Tips by Bob Barefoot

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Medical researcher and expert Bob Barefoot shares Health Tips for Actors – from the cancer preventative perspective. Here’s a list that we can use on a daily basis:

1) Calcium (coral calcium to be exact) and Vitamin D are two of the most important tools to put into your tool box. We can go down the list from there…

2) Get some Sun – one of the most important things you can do is get your Vitamin D the natural way…

African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans should be especially vigilant to ensure that they are getting a greater exposure to the sun than others. It just takes longer to get the proper amount of absorption due to the melanin in the skin.

3) Eat properly – for example here is a short list of Anticancer Foods that are grouped in different categories under:

Proteins you have fish, shellfish (selenium, Vitamin D, and long chain omega-3) especially salmon, mackerel, whole anchovies, sardines, eel, cod liver, and occasionally white albacore tuna (canned in water)

Vegetable proteins – lentils, peas, beans, chickpeas, mung beans.

Grains and Carbohydrates you have multigrain or sourdough bread, whole grain rice (or basmatic or Thai rice), quinoa bulgur, oatmeal, muesli, All-Bran, sweet potatoes, or yams.

Fats you have olive oil, flaxseed oil, cod liver oil (Vitamin D), canola oil.

Vegetables you have cabbages, brussel sprouts, bok choy, Chinese cabbage, beta-carotene-rich vegetables – carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, squash, pumpkins, beets, tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms (Shitake, maitake, enoki, portobello.

Herbs and Spices you have tumeric, curry, marjoram, oregano, parsley and celery cinnamon and ginger.

Probiotics – organic yogurt and kefir, sauerkraut and kimchee.

Prebiotics – garlic, onions, tomatoes, asparagus, bananas and wheat and Seaweed – Nori kombu, wakame, arame.

Fruits – berries of all shapes and sizes and cherries and citrus fruit and persimmons and apricots Dried fruits – Walnuts and hazelnuts pecans and almonds.

Desserts – Dark Chocolate – more than 70% cocoa And for drinks Red wine, filtered water, all green teas and gingerroot infusion

4) Get some exercise and

5) Get some rest

6) Get help as soon as you need it….don’t hesitate see your doctor and clear your mind.

Returning to “The Calcium Factor”

In my book entitled “The Calcium Factor,” I present viewpoints and statistics that may not be wholeheartedly embraced by conventional medicine. My clear focus in this book was to highlight the underestimated importance of calcium for health.

No healer would doubt the essential nature of calcium, which is the most abundant mineral in the human body, for health, especially related to its role in signaling biochemical processes in cells, controlling muscle contractions, initiating DNA synthesis, and building bones. However, the general level of calcium intake in the Western diet is much lower in many people than is required for optimal health.

Furthermore, there are many other ancillary actions of calcium, such as critical control of the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of the body fluids. This is demonstrated by the fact that body fluids become more acidic with aging when calcium is lacking, in the diet. This results in the expulsion of oxygen which can lead to numerous diseases, such as cancer, according to two time Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg.

I have referred to calcium as the “King of the Bioelements,” where deficiency of this element is invariably associated with a whole host of diseases. Calcium, however, does not act alone in the body. It has to be present in abundance with other minerals and cofactors (especially magnesium and vitamin D), in order that it can play its pivotal role in health. The secrets of coral calcium for health become unwrapped as we begin to explore the role of coral minerals in supporting the chemistry of life.

More to come in my next post…

Author, Chemist, Lecturer

Bob Barefoot

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Why Coral Minerals?

In my earlier writings, I have stressed the calcium factor for health and many of these issues will be further addressed in my books.  My belief in the role of coral minerals for health has come from many years of careful research and observation of its effects in thousands of individuals who have used coral products.  There is a voluminous amount of folklore, historical and scientific literature on stony corals and their biological implications, but I have been most impressed by its apparent universal health benefits which on occasion, almost defy explanation.  My support for the nutraceutical value of coral calcium is not a “leap of faith” based on my channeled research on calcium alone. When coral calcium from Okinawa and surrounding domains in Japan is used as a food supplement, it touches many lives in a highly positive manner.

In brief we can learn from the experiences of the inhabitants of Okinawa, who have among the best health and longest lives in the world, which include ten times as many centenarians as area found in the United States.  They also have large numbers of robust individuals in their eighties and nineties.  Whilst, many factors may operate to create this desirable circumstance, I, like the Spanish explorers before me, believe a key to this circumstance is the use of coral calcium as a food supplement in this highly blessed community of people.

Some people may dismiss this phenomenon as a chance observation, there are new scientific and medical discoveries that give a credible, scientific basis for the use of coral calcium for health.  One key constituent of coral calcium is readily absorbable calcium and magnesium, but other factors within coral, including its highly balanced mineral content and the occurrence of microbes, may account for observed benefits.  Beyond these issues are speculations about other components of coral and a clear recognition that many of the minerals are present in a “chemical form” that is highly desirable for use by the body.

Author, Chemist, Lecturer

Bob Barefoot


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Coral Calcium – Lifestyle and Minerals

Implicit in the desire for eternal youth is our wish to avoid poor health which seems to emerge with advancing age. Of all interventions that have been tried for enhancing well-being and long-life, few have worked. I believe that the issues are tied up in our lifestyle. The biblical patriarchs, who definitely had a different lifestyle, lived to be over 900 years old. Today, a healthy lifestyle is a key factor in extended life that must have a quality free from disease. Beyond the important, health sermons on cigarette smoking, stress, drug abuse etc., nutritional factors figure most strongly as determinants of health and well-being. The avoidance of all adverse lifestyle is advisable, but the domain of lifestyle most amenable to correction is “sound and appropriate nutrition.”

It is easy for a chemist (like myself) to see the body as a universe of interacting chemicals. Whilst this perception provides an incomplete picture of life, it is a good start to understanding the importance of minerals as a vital component of a diet for health, as each mineral must serve at least one specific biological function. With the exception of aluminum and silicon, the human body is made up of the same minerals, including gold, in differing amounts as the Earth. Mineral balance (especially calcium) in the body is an absolute prerequisite for health and longevity, but I trust this important advice will not be taken in isolation of instructions on a healthy lifestyle.

I recommend Coral Calcium and Vitamin D3 as a way to supply your body with the essential minerals and nutrients that we need for optimal health and longevity.

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Bob Barefoot

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