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In my book entitled “The Calcium Factor,” I present viewpoints and statistics that may not be wholeheartedly embraced by conventional medicine. My clear focus in this book was to highlight the underestimated importance of calcium for health.

No healer would doubt the essential nature of calcium, which is the most abundant mineral in the human body, for health, especially related to its role in signaling biochemical processes in cells, controlling muscle contractions, initiating DNA synthesis, and building bones. However, the general level of calcium intake in the Western diet is much lower in many people than is required for optimal health.

Furthermore, there are many other ancillary actions of calcium, such as critical control of the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of the body fluids. This is demonstrated by the fact that body fluids become more acidic with aging when calcium is lacking, in the diet. This results in the expulsion of oxygen which can lead to numerous diseases, such as cancer, according to two time Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg.

I have referred to calcium as the “King of the Bioelements,” where deficiency of this element is invariably associated with a whole host of diseases. Calcium, however, does not act alone in the body. It has to be present in abundance with other minerals and cofactors (especially magnesium and vitamin D), in order that it can play its pivotal role in health. The secrets of coral calcium for health become unwrapped as we begin to explore the role of coral minerals in supporting the chemistry of life.

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Coral Calcium and Health

Coral Calcium and Health

In Search of Health and Youth

I share everyone’s quest for health and longevity. Whilst humankind has been denied a simple “fountain of youth,” modern science is pointing us towards the possibility of using nutrition to help secure a long and healthy life. In this new millennium, the limitations of allopathic (conventional) medicine have become increasingly apparent.

Coral Calcium and Health

The proverbial quest for the “fountain of youth” did not begin with the Spanish explorer, Ponce de Leon, but it is more than a coincidence that coral calcium and health was introduced as a important treatment agent in the oldest pharmacy in Europe that is located in Spain. This pharmacy is now a museum in Penaranda de Duero in Northern Spain and it was established in 1685. The introduction of ground coral as one of the first pharmaceuticals in Spain may have occurred from earlier occupation of the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors (Arabs).  In this Medieval Pharmacy ground, stony coral is prominently displayed as a treatment. The dispensing container of coral bears several inscriptions that describe its beneficial effects on the heart and brain.

The use of coral calcium and health in early forms of allopathic (conventional) medicine was based on little more than empiric (trial and error) use with evidence of benefit. When the Spanish found the inhabitants of Okinawa to be unusually healthy and long living, they recognized that the ingestion of coral sand, later to be renamed coral calcium, was the prime ingredient. In contemporary medicine, we still operate by trial and error, but we are convinced that we can better measure outcomes using modern scientific principles of research. Whilst I do not doubt the ability of modern science to identify the safety and effectiveness of modern medicines, the precedence of the successful use of coral calcium and health speaks for itself.

Coral Calcium and Health

It is foolish to propose that any single agent will promote health and longevity in a consistent and simple manner. After all, aging and disease development are highly complex biological events with a multitude of contributory factors. However, it should be noted that coral cannot be considered a “single agent,” as it is composed of thousands of different skeletal organisms that leached nutrients out of the ocean for millions of years, thereby containing all of the mineral nutrients contained in the human body. Setting these technical thoughts aside, humankind has been on a perpetual search for one potion, lotion or elixir that will guarantee eternal youth. Whilst this miracle eludes discovery, some of the secrets of health and longevity may be much more simple than hitherto supposed.

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