Robert Barefoot unveils new ‘Super Food’ health supplement

pic3At a time of modern advancements in medical practice and technology, pervasive and complex health issues continue to pose a serious threat to individuals, societies and governments around the world.

Nutritionist and alternative health advocate Bob Barefoot puts forth an idea—go back to basics and harness the natural therapeutic properties of nature. This is the main thesis behind his latest product—a health supplement made with a medically known “super food”—called Bob’s Best Chlorella™.

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is made with Barefoot’s specially chosen, superior pyrenoidosastrain of chlorella—a single-celled, fresh mountain spring water grown plant and whole food from pure green algae. According to various sources, chlorella can be used to help reduce radiation treatment side effects, boost the immune system, increase white blood cell counts, improve digestion, reduce cholesterol and asthma attacks, treat various diseases including hypertension, and detoxify the body, among other health benefits.

“The amazing medicinal potential of chlorella inspired me to study it further and create a product that maximizes its therapeutic attributes,” Barefoot said.“Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is the result of years of research and refinements combined with a keen understanding of health issues that affect us today.”

Super health benefits

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ packs four main health benefits. First: it can be used for “super purification” to help keep cholesterol and blood pressure levels down,and to maintain healthy joints especially among older people. A clinical study found that 50 percent of patients “showed good or better control of their blood pressure levels” with chlorella, while 88 percent of patients who took chlorella “saw an improvement in the index that measures their symptoms, and 45 percent enjoyed less pain.”

Barefoot explained that the chlorella in Bob’s Best Chlorella™ has the highest known percentage of chlorophyll in the world. The chlorophyll and fiber in each cell assists your body’s ability to get rid of heavy metals, pesticides and every day toxins making it a powerful purifying agent.

Second,this new, certified organic health supplement was designed to help the body boost its natural defense system to better fight off disease-causing germs and microorganisms. It also aids in the stimulation of the body’s health-protecting T-cells. Third, because of its effective purification properties, Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is also helpful in fighting off the harmful effects of aging. Chlorella Growth Factor, unique to chlorella, provides a rich source of nucleic acids and polysaccharides, also known as the body’s building blocks, which help stimulate and revitalize the body as it ages through cell renewal and restoration. This translates to a natural youthful glow.

Finally,Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is a good source of “super energy” because the chlorella in this supplement acts as a catalyst that helps the body’s cells absorb more oxygen. Low oxygen levels have been linked to increased incidences of fatigue and a feeling of overall weakness.

Optimizing nature’s best

According to Robert Barefoot, Bob’s Best Chlorella™ differs from most health supplements in the market today in that it has a unique composition which takes into consideration the preservation of naturally-occurring health properties.

He added, “Whereas the manufacturing process of most supplements today depletes its naturally intended nutritional value, Bob’s Best Chlorella™ harnesses the often untapped value of pure whole foods. It’s almost literally bursting with over 20 different vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, essential amino acids your body needs to function well and the unique chlorella growth factor. It’s also an abundant source of fiber and beta-carotene, even more than your average spinach.”

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ uses meticulously grown (in full sunlight and pure mountain spring water) and harvested chlorella algae from the island of Taiwan (formerly known as “Formosa”) which has been proven to produce the highest quality and cleanest variety of the ancient pyrenoidosa chlorella algae strain. There search and production of the product has been carefully supervised by Barefoot himself, who has established a strong following in the alternative and natural supplement industry. Barefoot is also known for his extensive research on the health benefits of natural minerals (coral calcium) and natural vitamin d3. His other health supplements have received rave reviews from happy and satisfied users who swear by its effectiveness.

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is now available from Coral Calcium Direct with a 100 percent satisfaction assurance.

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