Coral Calcium – Clues on Longevity, Health and Minerals

Clues on Longevity, Health and Minerals

My personal odyssey to define the link between minerals and health was reinforced by knowledge that certain geographical locations in the world had inhabitants who were strangers to illness and lived to a ripe, old age. Among these longevous people are Abkasians from Georgia, the Hunzas of Pakistan, the Bamas of China, the Vilcabambas of Ecuador, and certain Azerbaijans.

These small populations seem to share a common factor that they live at high altitude. Living at high elevation presents an ecology where melting glacial water has an abundant mineral content, for example each quart of Hunza water contains about 20,000 milligrams of calcium, and these people drink several quarts each day. I believe that the common denominator in this group is that their diet is high in mineral nutrients that are derived from melting glaciers and snow. Many other scientists, such as Dr. Joe Wallach, have proposed this mineral factor is longevity.

This association between abundant mineral intake and health is supported by the finding that sea level populations with health and longevity, such as Okinawan’s in Japan, have a similar abundance of minerals in their diet. In the case of Okinawans the source is the offerings of the coral reefs around the Rukuyuku islands. These reefs provide mineral enrichment to the water supply and coral is often taken as a supplement in the diet.  Again, one could claim an “interesting” coincidence, but after a while the many coincidences start to imply proof of cause and effect.

Whilst minerals may not be the whole story of health and longevity. I believe that they are much more important than has been previously supposed. There has been a tendency in modern medicine to reject remedies of natural origin, such as coral, that have centuries of precedence of successful use. The pendulum is now swinging in the opposite direction as pluralistic medicine emerges and we move back to basics in applying optimum lifestyle and nutrition for health. Coral Calcium serves as a historical example of a natural agent from the ancient seas which holds great power for health and well-being.

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