Different Types of Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium Types – An Explanation

It is important to recognize that two broad, but distinct types of coral calcium, are used as health giving supplements by the Japanese and many people throughout the world.

The first type is fossilized coral calcium that has been deposited on the land mass, or washed up on the beaches. The second type is taken directly from the sea bed. The sea-bed coral calcium is the coral that has dropped from the reef or is processed by reef inhabitants. This type of “coral sand” has been washed to the ocean floor by wave actions. Marine coral calcium is closer in composition to the living forms of corals, because the marine microbes are still active and many minerals and organic elements are retained, in comparison to fossilized, land-based coral.

These are important differences in composition between fossilized (land-based) and marine (sea-bed) coral calcium. Marine coral calcium contains more magnesium, and the balance of calcium (24%) to magnesium (12%) content of this second type of marine coral is close to 2:1. This 2 to 1 ratio is the ideal ratio for calcium and magnesium intake in the human diet.

My research has led me to believe strongly that the natural, magnesium enriched, marine coral calcium is to be strongly preferred as a health giving supplement over land based (fossilized coral), which contains less than 1% magnesium. This superiority of the marine coral is due to its retained, ideal, ionic balance of calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 ratio, and the fact that for the fossilized type, a host of other nutrients were also washed out during weathering processes.

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Bob Barefoot

Chemist, Author, Lecturer on Coral Calcium and Vitamin D3 Supplementation.

Structure of Coral – Calcium

Corals belong to the phylum (group) of marine organisms called Cnidaria (Coelenterata) which also includes jellyfish, sea anemones and hydroids. These organisms tend to be symmetrical with digestive tract that has one single opening. They process a “nematocyst” or stinging apparatus which contains and protects the coral polyp with venom of varying potency.

The stony corals are named because they secrete a supporting exoskeleton (outside hard structure). This stony covering contains the soft structures of the living coral polyps. These living corals form reefs which support a large biomass. In tropical waters and some temperate zones theses corals proliferate to a vast degree that builds islands.

A classic example of this geographical phenomenon is the infrastructure of the islands chains in and around Okinawa, Japan.

Coral calcium is derived from reef-building coral and it is harvested from the pristine waters off the Nansei Islands (Rukuyuku and Satsunan), Japan. These islands spread towards the south east from the southern tip of Japan’s main land mass towards Taiwan.  Using careful, harvesting techniques that are sustaining for the environment, several companies collect and process coral calcium for use as a food supplement. The Japanese government supervises this collection process and they provide special certification to certain types of coral.

Under a microscope, coral appears as tubes, horns and honey combs. It has the appearance of an abandoned city. Coral calcium has been officially recognized by the Japanese government as a valuable food supplement. This official standing was registered by Japan in July 1989, but the coral sands have enjoyed thousands of years of local use as an important source of health giving nutrients in the diet of Okinawans.

It was discovered by the early Spanish explorers, 500 years ago, who filled their ship holds with the coral sands. The chemists in Spain, attempting to discover the reason for its miraculous curative properties, discovered that the main ingredient was calcium, so they renamed it “coral calcium.” Today, tens of millions of people around the world consume coral calcium daily.

So, join us, one of the millions who use Coral Calcium to supplement our diets with essential minerals and nutrients only nature could provide.

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Which Coral Calcium is the Best?

Often times we are asked about the Coral Calcium Supplement and which one should be used?

The answer lies in age and the level of health of the individual using the products.

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The Coral Calcium Supreme can be used by young people who are in perfect health.  It has all the ingredients of the Bob’s Best but with half the coral calcium (1,000 mg) and just 816 iu of vitamin d3.

Bob believes that all people regardless of age should be supplementing with additional vitamin d3.

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Coral Calcium Supreme

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Cesium, a mineral that assists in the alkalizing of the body fluids and the absorption of oxygen in the blood, and the high quality marine mineral supplement AquaMin can only be found in Robert Barefoots Authentic products.

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The coral calcium collected for Robert Barefoot’s Coral Calcium Products adheres to strict standards to ensure the continued balance of the natural ecological environment of the Okinawa coral reefs.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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