Free Vitamin D For Life Infomercial Air Dates and Times

Bob Barefoot is launching a new infomercial to support his desire to supply America with Free Vitamin D3 For Life.

The need for Vitamin D3 as a supplement to our diet is clear.  Now Bob is offering a One Month Supply of Vitamin D3 for a small Shipping and Processing charge of $5.95 per bottle with a maximum of 3 bottles per household per month.

The Schedule for the Launch of the Infomercial is below.  If you live in one of the regions below, please make sure you watch his newest work.  If not, then please go to the front of the website at // and watch the infomercial online.  You can also order the Free Vitamin D along with his other supplements right from our site.

Bob recommends that you use the Bob’s Best Coral Calcium 2000 along with Vitamin D3 each day.

Free VitD Infomercial Schedule